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Wyatt, E. M. (1997). Wonders in wood. Hertford, Stobart Davies.

Wyllie, R. (1989). Taking note for the future material history as exemplified by five wooden planes from Nova Scotia [article].

Wynter Edward, J. (1970). Woodwork. London, Longmans.

Wynter, E. J. (1970). Woodwork. Harlow, Longmans.

Wynter, E. J. (1974). Using woodwork tools. London, A. and C. Black.

Yabsley, P. (1949). Educational craftwork in wood: a manual for teachers and students. London; New York, Batsford.

Yarwood, A. (1973). Woodwork and design. London, Nelson.

Yarwood, A. (1983). Woodwork. London, Hodder and Stoughton.

Yarwood, A. (1984). Design and woodwork. London, Hodder and Stoughton.

Yarwood, A. (1984). Illustrated teach yourself woodwork. London, Treasure Press.

Yi, C.-s. (1986). Hanguk ui mokkongye. Soul, Yorhwadang.

Yousuf, M. and M. Lok Virsa (1991). Catalogue of the collection of woodworks of Pakistan in the archives of Lok Virsa Museum. Islamabad, The Museum.

Zambia. Curriculum Development, C. (1982). Practical subjects syllabus. Zambia primary course. Lusaka: vi, 26 p.

Zanker, F. O. (1970). Foundations of design in wood. Leicester, Eng., Dryad Press.

Zhang, G. (1983). Mu qi you qi gong yi. Beijing, Zhongguo lin ye chu ban she: Xin hua shu dian Beijing fa xing suo fa xing.

Zieg, T. L. (1999). Scroll saw Christmas ornaments. East Petersburg, PA, Fox Chapel Pub. Co.

Zimbabwe Ministry of, E. (1986). ZJC woodwork module c: third term, form 1. Harare, Ministry of Education.

Zinnkann, H. (2002). Furniture woods. Munich; London, Prestel.

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